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Start Building Traffic With Yahoo Answers

Yahoo answers is a Q (Questions) and A (Answers) part of yahoo’s platform that allows individuals to post questions and answers on any topic they choose.





Thousands of questions are asked on yahoo per day, for you this can be a way of building traffic back to your blog if you know how to.


Yahoo allows anyone to create a yahoo account with them, so all you have to do is sign up for one.


First visit and click on the “Sign in” button at the top of the page, but of course you don’t have an account yet so on the next page click the “Sign up” link inside the box where it says “Don’t have an account?”.


Once you have a yahoo account you can go onto the questions and answers platform Yahoo answers to start answering a few people’s questions and building some traffic for your blog.



Things to know before answering questions on Yahoo


  • While yahoo welcomes any and all answers, only thoughtful and relative answers will be considered when it comes to the questions that are asked. Yahoo answers have changed a lot over the years and they seem to be only allowing quality answers for questions.


  • Be sure that your answers are thoughtful and relative to the questions you will be answering. Make sure that you are actually knowledgeable and can answer certain questions honestly and accurately. Try to find the questions that are in your same niche, this makes it easier to answer, as you will already be fund of the field.


  • Before spreading all of your links around, build up a reputation for yourself, build trust from readers first, allow them to get to see how you care about the topic that you are responding to. Try to be as skillful as you possibly can be so that readers will see you as a professional when it comes to your subject, and only then should you place your links in. Something you should never do is place affiliate links inside of the resource areas, because people are looking for real resources not a quick “Quit Your Job Product”, so avoid these types of links at all costs, trust me you’ll do better without them. And on a down-note, yahoo may ban your site for putting up such links, even if not right now, it may be later – it’s always just a good idea to not use these links… so please don’t.



There you have it, a great way to build traffic back to your blog by using the powerful and most visited Q and A platform on the internet, so don’t keep thinking about it go ahead and get started.


by   October 2nd, 2016   Posted in Build Traffic


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