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Start With Affiliate Network Marketing Today

If you haven’t joined an affiliate network as of yet, then you definitely need to sign up today. Affiliate networks help publishers like you earn an income very easily.



How An Affiliate Network Works


An affiliate network is something that both you the publisher and the merchant (also known as the advertiser), use in order to connect with one another for the purpose of selling a product and or service while making money.


Here is how that works:


  • Step 1) The merchant uploads his or her product to a network.


  • Step 2) The publisher (you) signs up to be an affiliate for the product.


  • Step 3) The publisher links to the product via tools provided by the network and the merchant.


  • Step 4) The publisher successfully sells one of the merchants products.


  • Step 5) The network tracks the date of the sale and notifies both the merchant and the publisher of the completed sale.


And that’s what an affiliate network is about in a nutshell – just to quickly summarize things, but of course there are some aspects that I didn’t mention, like the fact that before joining or partnering with any merchant, you should always do your homework on the the merchant and their products.


Always make sure that you know what type of person you are dealing with and what type of products you are referring your loyal readers to.


Another thing I didn’t mention was the part of knowing how much money you will be receiving per product sale. This information is provided to you on the network, so you will see and know just how much money you will be getting every time a sale is made on your part. This is mostly done in percentages: like if the product cost is $30 then you will receive 50% of that sales price (which is $15), that is if of course the merchant has set things up in that way, he or she may only offer to share 30% of the sales price.


Here is a demonstration of the Clickbank network, that shows the merchant’s product and the percentage they’re willing to share with you as their affiliate for the sale:


product description



As you have probably noticed, the part that shows the [Avg %/sale: 65.0%] is where the merchant presents the amount of revenue he or she is willing to share per sale. Which in this case is sixty-five percent.


Also, keep in mind that this percentage can change, according to the merchant, due to changes in costs of things like re-billing, upsells, etc., in which you could possibly earn even more income.


Here is another excellent thing to note about affiliate networks: it is always up to you to decide if you want to be affiliated with a certain merchant or product, so if you see something about a merchant or their product, or their share of revenue (the total amount of funds they’re willing to share with you) that you don’t like, then you can always move on to another merchant and product within the very same network.







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