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Important Lessons On Making Money

We’ve all heard and seen the how to make money blogging or make money online ideas, but what we haven’t heard or seen are actual lessons.


Today I want to share with you some reality lessons that most bloggers should be teaching when they are blogging about earning an income online but often don’t:



Lesson #1: Printed numbers aren’t the real numbers


When most bloggers show you their proof of income earnings they’re not exactly showing you the total amount they netted, or took home, no, they are actually showing you the whole amount before and after everything else kicked in. It’s like seeing your paycheck before all of the taxes ate it up.


Bloggers often fail to mention that they had to return a few people their money, which in turn should now drop the amount but they don’t, they instead maintain the numbers before the refunds kicked in.



Lesson #2: Earning amounts differ from blogger to blogger


Just because one blogger may have made $30k in their first year of blogging doesn’t mean that when you become a blogger you are going to make 30k your very first year.


What a lot of bloggers don’t admit to is that the year the 30 thousand was made wasn’t their first year blogging. They in fact have been blogging for years and making it to amount of money in one single calendar year has taken them a lot of time and especially hard work.



Lesson #3: Advertising marketing is not for the beginner


Here is another key ingredient that a lot of bloggers fail to include in their making money successes, and that key ingredient is advertising. Yes you heard that right, over 95% of successful bloggers make money quickly by advertising their products and services, this is a whole lot different from what they told you isn’t it?


Don’t think for once that any blogger can make a blog and become successful in under 6 months as some of them claim, when in reality they are spending thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising their products.


Of course this route is probably not for you, as you may not posses thousands and thousands of dollars to promote your products, so the best thing and safest thing for you to do would be to play the patience game, which in my opinion is the best choice because your traffic and money making efforts will be organic which will last longer and go farther.



The lessons you just read are the things that most bloggers fail to tell you about for some reason, but now you know a little bit about the lessons behind the money bloggers make and not just the idea of it, which will help you determine if you want to take certain bloggers advice on making money or not.


by   October 1st, 2016   Posted in Make Money


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